Baby Rho!

My brother Jesse and his wife, Lindsay, are expecting the first baby Rhodenbaugh since 1992! We are so excited for Charles Timothy’s arrival in February! Openview Cinema shot their maternity pictures, and I provided the cute prop! It was so fun to see my ‘Charlie’ garland in the pictures and I’m so excited to see it hanging in Charlie’s nursery!





Here’s what you’ll need:

IMG_1636canvas, old book pages/song sheets/magazine pages, mod podge and glue, paint, paint brushes, and stick-on letters (not shown)

first, glue the book pages down on the canvas, like so:

IMG_1637-1second, use the stick on letters to write out your chosen quote.



once the paint is dry, peel off the letters and paint mod podge over everything as a finishing touch!



time for a new journal! i had one that I didn’t love the cover of, so I just covered it myself.

Here’s what I used:



All you have to do is cut and paste! just make sure you make the pieces of ribbon long enough to glue onto the back of the cover (for reinforcement). 




and for further reinforcement, i glued over the top of the ribbon to make it secure, adding a pocket that will come in handyImage

and here’s the final cover:



as always, so easy! ugly book covers, no more!


I love the song lyric from Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, “Home is wherever I’m with you.” Sadly, this lyric doesn’t apply in the lives of two of my best friends, Gretchen and Audrey; we were separated by college a few years ago.

Thanks to uptown Oxford’s ‘You’re Fired,’ we got to paint these fun mugs to represent where  the Lord has taken us, and where our hearts now belong. Gretchen has fallen in love with Arizona, I am in Oxford and Audrey is in Cincy.

More Burlap

Now this was actually a pretty difficult project. Similar to past posts, here’s what you’ll need:

1) a hot glue gun (I switched to a stapler- much easier and faster)

2) an old frame (thanks, Grandma!)

3) burlap, duh!

Sorry I don’t have pictures to show the process of this earring holder, but you essentially just attach the burlap to the back of the frame (the cardboard part) using a stapler or a hot glue gun. That part is fairly easy, the hard part is just maneuvering the burlap correctly to fit in the frame. But when all is said and done..

You get the cutest earring holder I’ve ever seen!


Here’s what you’ll need:

A candle or two, a hot glue gun or perhaps super glue, and some twigs. These twigs are actually nice ones from Hobby Lobby but I also went out back and picked some from my backyard. Natural ones look way cooler anyway.

Now just glue like crazy! 5 hours later…

And here’s a professional picture of what they look like when they glow!

For my roomiez

I’m moving into a college house this August which I’m super excited for! So I made door signs for each of my housemates. These are made out of paint chips with each persons initials corresponding with their favorite color. Also so easy, which seems to be a theme with my DIY’s.

It is well

I made these some time ago, but its super easy! All you’ll need are 2 canvases, liquid glue, and a few paint colors of your choice.

I simply wrote ‘it is well with my soul’ with the liquid glue onto the canvases and let it dry. Once the glue was dry, I painted the blues, greens, and yellows over the glue and let that dry. From there, I just peeled off the glue and was done. It looks pretty awesome, right??

and it is surely well with my soul, friends